We were contacted by Steve, who's father is an expert on the life of Admiral Lord Horatio Nelson, Britain's most famous naval hero.

Steve had seen our collection of products made from the salvaged timbers of Nelson's flagship HMS Victory and thought a gift related to the ship would be a really special gift for his father's 75th birthday.

However, Steve wanted something his father could carry with him, so contacted us to see if we could create something special for him.

The controls around what can be made from the wood are tightly controlled by the team at Portsmouth's Royal Naval Dockyard.  They kindly gave us special permission to utilise the timber to create a fountain pen, complete with an authenticity certificate.

We arranged a unique collaboration between Karl, our wood craftsman and Jim, our maker of wooden fountain pens.  Karl prepared the timber and cut the blank from which Jim then carefully crafted a fountain pen.

The historical significance created a real nervousness around preparing such a delicate item, but the skills of our experts came to the fore and together they created an absolutely beautiful piece of history.

Steve was thrilled and his father was over the moon with both the present and the thoughtfulness of his son.