We were contacted through our contact form by Amanda who was looking for a handmade pizza peel with larger dimensions than the pizza peel on our site.

Intrigued, we immediately called Amanda back and discovered it was for a wooden house that she'd spent eight years building by hand, off the grid in Quebec Province, Northern Canada.
Bespoke Item Unique Pizza Peel Handmade Wooden House Darby Made
The lack of power to the site meant she'd built the house using a traditional Scandinavian building method involving pulleys.

She'd searched for a long time to find a maker that could hand make a pizza peel to accompany her pride and joy outdoor pizza oven, but had struggled to find anyone who shared her values.

We were so impressed by the scale of what she'd achieved we were proud to be part of it.

All our makers are always excited by a challenge and our peel maker Neil engineered a unique design to Amanda's exacting specifications.
Amanda wanted a longer blade, which meant the angle of the 'bend' between the blade and handle had to be amended to exactly 20 degrees to take the additional weight.

Once she'd agreed the design, the peel took a couple of weeks to make in the foundry and was carefully couriered to Canada.

Amanda was so delighted with it that she sent us photos of the peel in situ, post being used for the house's grand opening.