The Royal Mint is gradually reducing the number of one pence pieces in circulation, by destroying old coinage and not minting as many new coins.

This means we've struggled to get any 2017 one pence pieces for our Lucky Penny Cufflinks.

So when Rebecca came to us looking for a pair of our Lucky Penny Cufflinks with 2017 coins as a christening present we were stuck, but liking a challenge, we tried our best to help.  
It transpired that the only 2017 one pence pieces we could find were not legal tender at all, they were solid sterling silver versions being sold by the Royal Mint in their gift shop.

We checked the dimensions were the same as a normal coin and told Rebecca we'd be delighted to use these special coins to make her a bespoke pair of cufflinks with the silver coins if she'd like.
She sent us a couple of coins and we crafted a one-off pair of beautiful cufflinks, personalised with her own message.

Rebecca was delighted and hopefully in a few years time the recipient will appreciate her special gift just as much.