At Darby we put a lot of love and care into every umbrella we craft for you.  In order for your Darby umbrella to rightfully take its place amongst those rare treasured heirlooms that can be handed down from generation to generation, you need treat your umbrella with similar love and care whilst it passes through your period of ownership.  

This comprehensive step by step guide shows you how to care for your Darby umbrella so it can serve you well in the years to come. 

When to use an umbrella

Whilst our umbrellas are made to a very high standard, they are designed for normal weather conditions.

Please do not use your umbrella in unusually strong winds.  In such conditions your umbrella will be unnecessarily strained and won't be able to protect you as it's canopy isn't large enough to shield you from head to toe.

How to open an umbrella

Sometimes, when closing your umbrella, the ribs can get caught in the canopy fabric or can get caught on one another.  Gently shake your umbrella prior to opening to ensure  the ribs are free.  This will avoid the risk of the ribs bending or breaking during opening.

Always open your umbrella pointing downwards.  This minimises the chances of the wind catching it and it being immediately blown inside out.

Finally, carefully move the runner up the shaft. Do not shake or swing the umbrella to release the frame.

How to dry an umbrella

After use, always leave your umbrella open to dry thoroughly, inside and out.  This allows the canopy fabric and moving parts to breathe. 

In the short term, if your umbrella is closed when wet it will take much longer to dry and will crease the canopy fabric, spoiling it's appearance.

In the longer term, storing your umbrella when wet will eventually cause it's steel frame to rust and encourages mildew to grow on it's canopy, damaging the fabric and it's waterproof coatings.

Leave your umbrella to dry away from direct sunlight to prevent fading.

How to clean an umbrella

To clean your umbrella, use tap water only to avoid damaging the protective waterproof coating we've applied to the canopy fabric and thread.

How to close an umbrella

When your umbrella is completely dry, close it by holding down the top spring and sliding the runner back down the shaft.  Do this slowly to ensure the ribs don't get caught on the canopy fabric or on each other.

Hold the handle and gently extend one gore panel of the canopy at a time away from the frame to it's fullest area, as they often fold in on themselves and crease the canopy.

Ensure the tips of your Classic umbrella are securely fastened in it's tip cup.

Take time to carefully roll, or furl, the canopy. This investment of time will pay future dividends as it prolongs the life and good appearance of your umbrella.

To correctly roll your umbrella, hold the handle and tips in one hand. Place your other hand on the top of the umbrella. Move this hand down the umbrella, gently rolling the gores panels around the shaft from the top down without pushing the ribs over one another. 

Secure with the furling button and ring.

How to store an umbrella

Place your umbrella in any cover it came with and store in a cool, dark place such as a wardrobe.

Do not expose your umbrella to either direct heat sources (such as leaning it against a radiator) or indirect heat sources (such as leaving it in a hot car or a conservatory).  

Prolonged exposure to heat may cause the shaft of your umbrella to warp and, in extreme cases, the crook of your umbrella to unbend. 

Storing your umbrella in direct sunlight will cause it's canopy to fade.  As your umbrella is closed, the areas of the canopy that fade are uneven and ruin it's appearance.