From experience we've learnt that there are four common errors we see people making when cleaning wooden chopping boards.  We want every item we sell to last a lifetime so we thought we'd share these mistakes with you:

1. NEVER wash wooden chopping boards in a dishwasher.  The combination of rapid increase in temperature and saturation of water will warp and splinter the wood and void warranties given by most manufacturers.

2. NEVER fully immerse a wooden chopping board in water or let it stand submerged in water for any length of time.  The wood will eventually absorb this water and warp.

3. NEVER use bleach on the board, even if it's smelling of rotting food matter.  The bleach will stain the wood and cause it to dry unevenly.  Follow our guide to deodorising wooden chopping boards naturally in our post 'How To Naturally Deodourise A Wooden Chopping Board'.

4. NEVER pay a wet wooden chopping board flat to dry.  This causes the board to dry quicker on it's exposed side and will cause the wood to warp.