Wood is naturally a porous material, so as a wooden chopping boards protective finish breaks down over time, it can start to trap organic matter such as juices from your food.

In mild cases this can transfer colours and aromas from one recipe to the next and in more extreme cases the organic matter decomposes to rot, providing a perfect environment for bacteria to develop and producing an unpleasant smell.

Fortunately there is a simple solution to this problem and you can easily remove trapped matter with natural ingredients by following these three simple steps:

1. Sprinkle coarse sea salt all over the board and leave overnight so the salt can draw bacteria out of the wooden board

2. Cut a lemon in half and use each piece to work the salt around the wooden board. Be sure to juice the lemon as you are scrubbing and let the lemon juice/salt mixture sit on your board for 5-10 minutes so the acid can neutralise bacteria on the board

3. Wipe the salt/lemon away with a damp cloth and clean thoroughly as recommended in our blog 'How To Clean Your Wooden Chopping Board'