All DarbyMade chopping boards are delivered to you pre-seasoned by our specialists, but if you receive a board that isn't seasoned,  or wish to restore an old board, you should ensure you apply a thorough initial seasoning.  

The first time you season your board, you should aim to really saturate it in oil.

The oil penetrates the wood and saturates the wood fibres, leaving no room within the board for unwanted liquids (blood, bacteria) and moisture.

This is essential as otherwise the board would expand with moisture when washing and contract with evaporation when it drys out afterwards.  This movement is the main cause of warping in wooden chopping boards.

Rub the oil in with a clean towel to work it into the fibres of the board.

It may look like there's still a thick layer of excess oil on top of your board when you're done rubbing, but let your board rest for five minutes and all the oil will have been absorbed.

You can work on one surface of your board at a time, letting it sit overnight on a wire rack, oiled side up, so that it fully absorbs the oil.

Best practice is to repeat this process about three times to ensure that thicker or extra-thirsty spots on the board have been thoroughly oiled.