Any well used wooden chopping board will develop unsightly scratch marks over time.  To maintain the beautiful look of your wooden chopping board over time, it can be lightly sanded and oiled.

Use a fine sandpaper that is specially made for use on both wet and dry wood.  The higher the number on a grade of sandpaper (known as the grit), the less coarse it is and the smoother the finish will be.

We recommend using a sandpaper with grit around 200 to remove gently work away the scratches, followed by a hand sanding with a 400 grit sandpaper to produce a luxuriously smooth finish.

Once sanded, wipe the wooden chopping board free of dust with a damp sponge and let it air dry.

We strongly recommend that after sanding, the wooden chopping board is oiled and waxed to protect it before it's next use.