For centuries sealing wax has been used to verify that a document had not been opened or tampered with and to verify the sender's identity.

In 1215, England's King John affixed a large wax seal to indicate he accepted the Magna Carta, the document which founded British and American freedom.

To further verify your purchase as an original Darby product created by one of our craftspeople, we add a similar wax seal to every Certificate of Authenticity.  

To be true to historic seals, we use traditional red sealing wax to bind our certificates. The one change we've made is to use flexible sealing wax in our seals, as we found that the more brittle traditional Bank of England wax did not stand up to the challenge of the modern global postal system. 

We attach the seals to our certificates using double sided tissue adhesive tape.  This allows you to open the document without having to break the seals so you can enjoy them in the future.