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Our Product Guarantee - The Makers Warranty

Guarantee Makers Warranty Handmade British Darby Made

Here at DarbyMade we're so meticulous and thorough about selecting only the finest handmade products from the finest British makers that we confidently provide a guarantee with each and every product we sell. 

The Makers Warranty

Being a small business, we can ensure our culture of high quality and reliability extends to every person who works for us and with us, especially the expert craftspeople whose hands loving create our products.

In fact, we're so proud of the makers with whom we work that we offer a guarantee with each and every one of our products in the form of our 'Makers Warranty'.  This protects you against manufacturing defects* in both the materials and workmanship that go into our products.

The period of the Makers Warranty differs by item and is clearly displayed on every product page.

You’re also well covered as this guarantee doesn’t affect your statutory rights.

However, we're all human and therefore sometimes mistakes do happen.

Should you be unlucky enough to believe a manufacturing defect exists in your item, please contact us using the details below.

What happens if you claim

Contact us with your proof of purchase so we can match your product to an order (the order confirmation email we sent you at time of purchase is usually the easiest form of proof)

All returned products will be examined by experts carefully to ensure a manufacturing defect exists.

Should the manufacturing defect be confirmed, we'll be more than happy to replace the item or refund the cost of the product.

Should the item no longer be available, we'll replace it with an alternative from our current range that's as close to it as possible.

What's covered

*A manufacturing defect exists if the product departs from its intended design.

Defective materials (metal, wood, fabrics, etc.) or workmanship (seams, construction, etc.) are covered by the Makers Warranty.

What's not covered

The Makers Warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear and tear, damage that naturally and inevitably occurs as a result of normal use.

Moving parts will wear out and fabrics will deteriorate and fade over time. While we choose the best materials available for the application, all materials degrade over time with use and exposure to the elements.

The Makers Warranty also does not cover accidents (lost /stolen), improper care or cleaning, non-standard usage or negligence.

How to claim

Simply contact our customer service team using the details below. Remember to have your proof of purchase to hand so we can process your claim efficiently.

Website:     Contact form
Telephone: +44 (0) 203 488 2530

Saving traditional skills

Buying from British makers sustains their businesses
and allows them to pass on their skills